Fr. Kirby is completely invested in the call to discipleship! As someone who has encountered the Lord Jesus and knows of his love, Fr. Kirby desires that all men and women encounter the Lord and accept the invitation to follow him.

The range of topics surrounding discipleship are vast, but Fr. Kirby seeks to address each of them and any topic that helps people to know, understand, and accept the Lord’s call to friendship and fellowship. By a use of conviction, humor, and stories, he seeks to bring the Gospel message alive to his listeners.

Topics can range from Baptism and a Personal Decision for Christ, Jesus Christ and Salvation History, My Faith – the Church’s Faith, The First Conversion of the Spiritual Life, Virtue and Life in the Spirit, Living a Rule of Life, The Lord Among Us, Living a Life of Prayer, Developing a Prayerful Spirit, and so many other related topics and themes.

Fr. Kirby worked in vocations ministry for over five years and helped many in the young Church to grow in their discipleship. He has given Parish Missions, facilitated Ministry Training and workshops, spoken at conferences, and has led generally scheduled, Advent, and Lenten Retreats and Days of Recollection for parish staffs, for those in different ministries (from Christian formation to social outreach), for men’s and women’s groups, for young adults, senior ministry programs, and an array of groups and associations in between.

In 2010, Fr. Kirby became the founding Director to the Drexel House: Catholic Residence for Men, which is a house in downtown Charleston where Catholic men live together in prayer and virtue in order to grow in the Christian way of life. Fr. Kirby calls the house “a mission post in the midst of secularism” and “a place for young adult Catholic men to encounter the Lord and grow in their relationship with him.”

From his experience, he authored the book, Lord, Teach Us to Pray (Charlotte: Saint Benedict’s Press, 2014) which has been called a “crash course on discipleship,” “a play book on how to be holy,” and a “book for the trenches.” As one reader said, “This book isn’t complicated. It really helped me to pray.”
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